Design your logistics plan
Design your logistics plan

CTLOG was founded in 2015 by the Cevital Group to support its own business development and deliver logistics support.

This initial period was marked by major investment in resources, infrastructure and skills. CTLOG managed to build on its experience in the domestic appliance, mass distribution, and e-commerce sectors.

Nowadays, CTLOG has 400 employees, but is above all a business on a human scale. We are experts in the international standards and processes of logistics and transport.

CTLOG has been a partner of the number one global e-commerce business since 2017.  

CTLOG offers businesses its know-how and makes the success and competitiveness of your business a priority.

Our Undertakings

Customer satisfaction is a priority.

Innovative logistics support.

A sustainable partnership

A responsible policy on employee workplace safety.

Your assets and associated infrastructure are kept safe.

We implement solutions and synergies to increase productivity, while reducing the environmental impact of logistics.



From the production line to sending out for delivery


Des solutions multimodales sur mesure

Global solutions

Long-standing know-how to help you achieve success

CTLOG is a true logistics partner. We provide our technology and know-how to facilitate your warehousing, transport and the global solution. This guarantees that your costs are optimised and your products are properly managed, all in a safe environment. 

CTLOG suggests bespoke solutions and service levels suited to your business, based on your requirements and distribution strategy. Our control centres enable us to responsively manage your deliveries nationwide and abroad, and optimize your overall transport costs 

CTLOG vous accompagnera dans votre réflexion globale intégrant transport et logistique : dans la mise en œuvre de votre stratégie de distribution, dans l’accompagnement de votre croissance en investissant pour vous et en vous proposant de nouvelles solutions sur mesure.
Celles-ci seront intégrées au sein de 4 phases : le conseil, l’investissement, le développement et le déploiement.

We will provide support for your industrial and logistics plans by designing and deploying new solutions and resources, enabling you to focus on your core business. 

Why choose CTLOG?

The e-commerce experts 

industry expertise acquired through experience and our partnership with the number one e-commerce business (24,000,000 parcels handled per year) 

Our network

Strong partnerships with national players enable us to deliver a service throughout France and the Maghreb.

Quick decision-making

Sole contact people, responsive management structure, guaranteeing that client expectations are swiftly met.

Des outils adaptés à vos besoins

WMS dédiés et interfacés avec les ERP clients.

Un suivi de la facturation optimisée via SAP.


  • Leadership guided by respect and results: "industry-expert top and middle managers."
  • Skills development and maintenance: Implementation of managerial tempos at each level of the organization, induction and training in a context of adaptation and innovation
  • We guarantee that the most talented individuals will be in the right place at the right time: strategy based on skills acquisition and internal development
  • Continuous improvement of HR policies and procedures: Career review, active monitoring of HR solutions
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  • My entry into CTlog in September 2018 could not have been possible without a well-established recruitment method.
    Indeed, after several years in a completely different professional field, I was able to integrate the operations department as Team Leader.
    My desire to learn a whole new profession and the daily support I was able to receive have enabled me to progress to a position of Operations Manager.
    The values ​​of this young company make us want to grow with it

    Sabri Tabet
    Operations Manager
  • I have been working in transport for 13 years now and am now Call Center Manager.
    I joined the ranks of CTLOG in 2019 and I do not regret it. I am fulfilled in my position and within my team.
    By signing my contract, I joined IRIS (Integrity, Respect, Initiative, Solidarity), values ​​and strengths of the company.
    Acronym that corresponds to my vision of the essential points for the proper functioning of a service, a company.

    Isaline Becu
    Call Center Manager

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