Design your logistics plan
Design your logistics plan


See the bigger picture

Une expertise qui vous permet de vous concentrer sur votre cœur de métier

CTLOG, an experienced logistics provider, supports you in different areas

The geographical location of your logistics needs: CTLOG will offer you a suitable location in our warehouses, taking into consideration your hub.

CTLOG is a logistics expert, thanks to its operational and technical teams. But also due to our working methods: formalizing and implementing processes, continuously improving our organizational structures, reporting, and the associated KPIs.

Bolstered by our experience in sectors such as industry, retail and e-commerce, CTLOG supports you throughout the whole process, from picking up your products, e-commerce parcel automation, including picking for retail or bulk, packaging and other requirements, through to shipment

Our clients also benefit from our market knowledge, as we analyse your flows and seek optimized solutions.